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Muslim Educational Center of Acadiana is a charitable, religious, educational, social and cultural non-profit organization In compliance with 501 (c) 3. To develop an Institution that will facilitate/assist Muslim youths to fully embrace, uphold, understand, and practice Islam according to the teaching of Quran and Sunnah, in their daily life

  • Islamic School, Sunday, Quran/Arabic, Pre-K, Elementery, Daycare, Summer Camps, etc.
  • Youth Activity Center
  • Community Activity Center


The main objective of MECA Sunday School is to assist Muslim youth to fully understand, embrace, and practice Islam in their daily life according to the teaching of Quran and the Sunah. We aim to build students who are well rounded and well balanced in their faith, behavior, and academic achievements. 


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  • Phase I (1st year) Land Acquisition (3-5 acres), land development, operational building/class rooms for School
  • Phase II (3rd year) Construction of main facility (Classrooms, office, large prayer hall, parking lots, play area, etc.)
  • Phase II (5th Year) Youth Activity Center- (Study/meeting room, Technology center, Library, etc)
  • Phase IV (8th year) Community Activity Center- (Large hall rooms, etc)
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Address: P.O.Box 53723, Lafayette, LA 70505
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